Thoughts on Gun Control and America’s Gun Violence Problem

Thank you for the information. I appreciate learning about methods to stop the gun violence in USA. Food for thought is good.

Reshaping Reality

Guns were invented for killing, and yet they are barely regulated at all in some states. Human lives should matter more than guns, and the science of gun control shows that it works in stemming gun violence. We are literally the only ‘developed’ country in the world who has this problem.

This is a complex issue, but I do believe we can approach this in a safe and comprehensive way. One way to start is to regulate guns as heavily as we do cars. Cars were invented for transportation, but we recognized that they can be lethal if used wrongly. Same approach should be done for an instrument invented for killing. I will cover the action plan on how to do this as well as how to change our culture of gun violence after I discuss the root of the issue and a bit of history.

Arming more people with…

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Very descriptive words used in this blog.

Reshaping Reality

The world has settled around me, slowly but firmly, the glove finally fitting after weeks of adjusting and fine-tuning. Never one for sewing, the stitches were haphazard but determined, inching along the seams, until the glove grew to fit the hand, snug and warm in the growing darkness of the yesteryear. The onset of fall looms on the horizon and washes away the dredges of summer, and still bugs burrow and fly, swoop and buzz through the day, not yet willing to release their tyrannous hold on the world. A deep breath ensnares the nectar of life, its musky scent, wood flavored and grass dripping and fervent sour of the dead fermenting into the ground to enrich the world yet again in the spring, after the frozen months of winter. It’s a precarious time, one of lost hopes and misplaced dreams, the walks longer and longer as the sun sets…

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